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Mid-Season Sale: Prologic gear you can get now

Mid-Season Sale: Prologic gear you can get now

As part of our mid-season sale we have some great prologic gear that you can get your hands on. All of this is available either online or in our Liverpool store now!


1. Prologic Element Baitfeeder Reels


Great for those carp anglers who want a little bit extra from their gear. It features an industry first combination of a quick drag bite and fight function in one reel. You can use either free spool or a completely open drag which can be set to fighting mode with just one turn of the drag knob. When combined with other high performance features it is a great reel to have. 


2. Prologic River Special Mono 600m


The first monofilament on the market dedicated to this kind of environment. It uses an innovative extrusion process and different co-polymer which is combined together. The surface has been treated in two different steps to be an extremely smooth and to get unrivalled abrasion resistance. Thanks to the heavy duty usage properties this is perfect for any dangerous obstacle or big carp. 


3. Prologic C-Series Bite Alarm 3+1


This has everything that you need for first-class bite indication on your next fishing trip. This alarm has six different volume and sensitivity levels as well as six different tones so it can be personalised to your needs. When it detects a bite, both colour LEDs will light up and then one will keep blinking for twenty seconds afterwards. A night light can also be activated by pressing a special push button.

4. Prologic Bomber Spod & Marker Rod 10ft-5lb


This is set to redefine the spod rods. Crossover carbon technology has been applied throughout its whole length, resulting in a fast progressive action with an ultra-fast special taper tip section. This increases the recovery rate which helps eliminate spod wobble in flight which makes for a cleaner, straighter and much more accurate cast. Thanks to this very responsive tip section, the transmission is perfectly tuned in and offers the user the ultimate in feedback and help in finding those precious glory holes.

5. Prologic Avenger 2 Rod Buzz Bar Kit & Carry Case


Made from high grade aluminium. It is fully adjustable, strong and lightweight with compression fitted joints. Definitely a great accessory to have with you by the water!


We hope you have seen some great prologic gear you like the look of! If you have any questions about anything then please visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 01512606015.


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