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New in gear this week

New in gear this week

Recently we have seen a lot of great new gear come into our store at Taskers Angling. We thought that we would share some of this exciting new gear with you so that you can see if there is anything you want to get your hands on! 


1. Fox Rage Power Bank 10k mAh


Ideal for making sure that you have the power you need for your phone and other devices. It is fast USB-C charging and has a fox camo design. It is small so easy to carry around with you wherever you are going. Make sure to check though that your phone and devices can be charged with this. 


2. Cygnet Sniper Chair


This compact chair with arms for added comfort. There are 4 adjustable legs with swivelling mud feet. There is also a padded cover and the chair is easily foldable so you can transport it easily! Definitely one to get if you want something comfy to sit on by the water. 


3. Mainline Power + Particles Tigmix 3ltr


Part of a new and exciting range of power + particles. The natural attractors of this freshly prepared and ready to use hemp is taken to another level with the addition of our active ingredients and choice of multi-stim, cell or essential cell enhancement. The particle tigers are a great addition to any spod mix and form a combination with other mainline particles. 


4. Penn Squadron II Uptide 9'6'' 6-10oz


Designed for casting your bait away from the boat. The tip section cushions the movement of the boat preventing the lead from becoming dislodged from the seabed and also shows bites when the fish takes the bait. The lower end of the rod has the power to deal with large fish such as cod and rays. 


5. Cygnet Grand Sniper Recliner Chair


A highly versatile chair! Simply lift the arms to recline the chair into different positions. The fleece covered mattress provides added comfort, like the chair previously mentioned there are four adjustable legs with swivelling mud feet and armrests are there for added comfort. 


We hope you have seen some exciting new gear you like the look off! If you have any questions on any of please then please visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 01512606015.





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