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Spring coarse and carp fishing

Spring coarse and carp fishing


A lot of you will be out this spring coarse and carp fishing hoping for big catches. A upturn in the weather will see more people out by the water which is why here at Taskers Angling we thought we would share some tips for these disciplines of fishing.


1. Get your timing right 


When the sun is out in the spring the likelihood is that more people will head out fishing. This can make a day out angling less productive though as the banks can get overcrowded. Go out earlier or go on a day where this cloud to maximise your success. Hopefully it will be quieter for you which means more fish to catch! 


2. Don't be afraid to move around  


Longer and lighter days means a change to a fish's habits. They may move around a bit more to get hold of new food sources or just to return to waters they go to when it is warmer. Because of this stay open-minded. Keep your gear light as you don't want to be weighed down if you need to be on the move. To help this watch the water as well to spot any movements which will give way the location of fish, a pair of dependable binoculars will help here. 

3. Start baiting small 


It is widely known that fish are hungry after a long winter. This is true but does not mean that as soon as spring strikes feeding habits dramatically change. Start small at first so you don't use up all your bait and you gather whether it is best to add more or stay at the amount you have. Don't use it all unless you are confident you will attract a lot of fish. Sticking to this during the early stages of spring is definitely recommended. 


4. Prepare for different species 


Earlier we touched on the fact that as soon as spring hits it's not like theres a switch that changes the fishes habits. The same idea applies for what species of fish you can expect to find if you are coarse or carp fishing. Different species can spawn or switch off at different times so making sure you have the gear to quickly adapt to what is there is highly recommended. Taking an example pike on shallow venues will go quite quickly and can be gone by March, however Tench can last well into June so be prepared. 


5. Look at margins and over-grown areas 


After a cold winter margins start to become alive again. Shallow areas around the bank start to become more natural with food whilst cover grows back to give fish more security. If you spot these areas then target these and keep it simple by using just one rod. 

6. Treat the fish with care 


We should all always be careful when handling fish but this emphasis goes up when it gets to spring. Fish are more fragile due to the fact they may not have fed properly for a while. They may have also been breeding as well. Have an unhooking mat and landing net so you can handle fish with the proper care they deserve.


We hope these tips will set you up for some good success coarse and carp fishing this spring. Do remember that if you need any help with gear you may need then please visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 01512606015.


















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