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5 on offer sonik products

5 on offer sonik products

5 on offers Sonik products 


At Taskers Angling we have a great range of brands for you to shop from. We stock from some of the best fishing companies out there and Sonik is one of them. We thought we would highlight to you some of our on offer Sonik products that you can buy now. 


1 Sonik Tournos GS 10000


Manufactured with a high strength carbon composite body and rotor, plus a sleek matt black handle and classy wooden grip, the Tournos GS 10000 is built to perform. Key features include an oversized twist-free line roller, smart ventilation slots machined into the spool, plus improved spring-loaded, twin line clips. Along with the new features there are also the original features which will make it easier to use for regulars to this kind of product.


2. Sonik Insurgent 5000 Reel


Ideally suited to use with the popular Insurgent rods and form a classic partnership with the shorter, cork handle range. offer exceptional performance and features a compact body making it ideal for use on small or medium size carp waters. They are great for catching big fish as well though as they have great casting ability but van also work at close range. Other features that benefit this model are the twin spring-loaded captive line clips, high strength graphite body and rotor, open bail rotor lock and a floating rotor line guard.


3. Sonik SK-Tek Sunchair


This is an ultra-comfortable lounging chair. Has a padded fleece rim and the adjustable legs provide a low or high seating position. There are two side mesh pockets, an integral rain cover and has swivel mud feet. 

4. Sonik SK Tek Compact Carryall
Designed for the needs of modern anglers.  They have a rigid free-standing design for easy access and HD waterproof base. The pockets have all been maximised to reduce wasted space and are sized to easily accept the modular Sonik Accessory bags. Other key features include: 
  • Internal zipped pocket
  • Internal organisation elastics
  • HD waterproof Base
  • Padded removable shoulder strap


5. Sonik Gizmo Bite Alarm+Reciever Set


Offers top performance in a small package. Featuring Illuminated snag ears and line roller giving you instant indication for the slightest of line movement. Our intelligent mute function allows you to quickly, conveniently and silently adjust indicators or line tightness and will automatically re-arm the alarm after 30 seconds. Complete with our new and updated bivvy light. Smaller, sleeker and now with a speaker included you can now be alerted in stereo, or keep it silent for just illumination when you get a bite. Six different delay and brightness settings. It can function completely independently as a standard bivvy light or when synchronised with the alarm heads provides an extra level of sound and illumination.











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