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Get ready for spring fishing

Get ready for spring fishing

Get ready for spring fishing 

By the time spring comes along a lot of Anglers are excited to get back by the water. Spring is a productive time of the year for anglers to get out by the water as fish become more active and because of this end up feeding more after a long winter. At Taskers Angling we would share some tips on how you can prepare to get out fishing at this time of year.


First of all looking through all your gear and seeing if anything needs replacing is a good place to start. Yes these items may have served you well throughout the years but making sure that things like your mainline, bait and rigs are up to date in order to land those big catches. You don't want to be ill prepared for when the spring fishing kicks off! 

As ever we would encourage you to keep an eye on the weather and conditions. It can still be chilly out and a cold snap can mean that less bait and more careful feeding can work but with warm winds it can be better to bait heavily. To have the best success follow warm winds, look for low pressure and adjust your approach to the conditions as the fish will adjust their feeding. 


Now whether you have been staying in warm and had a break from angling or have been braving the cold weather setting new targets for your angling. These targets could be to try to catch different species. This will give your angling direction and allow you to aim at something for the upcoming season. If you do manage to catch a new species then set a new one, maybe beating your PB? 

Finally let's talk tactics. Often the best waters to fish on in the spring are the shallower ones. The water warms up quicker in those areas which helps to draw in the fish. Bright, small hook-baits do well in the spring. This is down to a fish having poor eyesight after the winter because they haven't fed properly or because they are moving around so there attention is more easily caught. Giving high visibility baits a go is definitely worth considering. 


We hope that some of these tips will help set you up for big success this spring by the water. if you have any questions about which gear will work best then please visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 01512606015.
















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