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A blast from the past

A blast from the past


Many of you will have visited our store on Utting Avenue over the years. We've been very proud to call it our home and to have welcomed you through its doors since we opened. However we will be moving stores very soon and saying goodbye to our home in Anfield. That is why are Taskers Angling we thought we would share some of its history with you.


When we opened our Utting Avenue site in 1986 it was the first real sports super store. 13,000 square feet was available to be browsed around with the upstairs space able to stage exhibitions and other events. You may also be aware the site used to be an old cinema adding to the history of the store and also the intrigue, it really is something unique even to this very day! 

At the time of this move there were question marks over whether it was needed due to the success the business was already having. At the time Peter Tasker justified this by saying "we just grew out of the old premises, over the last couple of years trade increased week by week and we just ran out of space for new lines." This move was seen as a big gamble at time, why move risk moving a successful business? However 36 years on we feel its a gamble that really paid off for us! 

Peter also went on to say "we have done our homework and the better facilities expected to improve turnover. The trade we did at the County Road shop would give us a small profit here. Any increase therefore has to be a bonus." At the time a big angling store was something completely new and unique. Here we are all these years later getting set to move again. Hopefully the future is as bright now as it was back then 

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