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How to catch cod in the winter

How to catch cod in the winter

If you want to get some big cod catches then the best time to go is in the winter as this is when they are around the most. It can be a bit of a waiting game but trust us, the rewards can be worth it. At Taskers Angling we thought we would share advice on how to catch carp in the winter. 


In areas around the UK you can catch cod at any time of the year. However in the winter they tend to migrate inshore to feed and spawn, typically just 3-4 miles off the coast and sometimes even closer than that. One of the best places in the UK for this is the Eastern part of the English Channel so if your local to us maybe planning your next trip down there could be a good idea. 

So when does winter cod season get going? Cod tends to make its first appearance inshore in October and are caught right up until February leaving you all with a bit of time left to get out and catch some this year! There are large ones that can be caught inshore and hotspots where these fish can be found are generally 15-30 metres deep. 


In terms of what tactics you should consider using for the best success we would recommend uptiding or downtiding as the best way to get success. When it comes to baits squid and slug are good ones to use especially when used together as a cocktail. However try and mix them up regularly so that there is a fresh scent going. 


We hope this guidance will help you land those big carp catches during the remaining few winter weeks. If you have any questions about what gear you are thinking of taking then please visit our Liverpool store or gives us a call on 0151260601.







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