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Taskers Angling-Sea fishing in the winter

Taskers Angling-Sea fishing in the winter

Sea fishing may not be for everyone, particularly during the winter and colder months. However during this time there are some good catches to be landed so if you are brave enough it is definitely worth trying! At Taskers Angling we thought we would share some advice on what to do if you go sea fishing in the winter. 


First of all it is important to know what species of fish you want to catch. If you are sea fishing in the winter you should probably try and target cod. They are most common in the sea during this weather. In the spring which is not too far away pollock and bass should be targeted. This links in as well to where you should go. Cod tend to appear inshore between October and February as they spawn closer to land away from the deep.  

The fish also prefer deeper water in the winter as it is warmer and they can conserve their energy there so they end up moving around a lot less. Making sure to find and target these kind of areas is something we would recommend. Also do be aware that the waters in the sea are clearer in the winter, this means the fish are more easily spooked. The main thing is to do your research and narrow down a spot where you feel you are likely to catch.  


Of course with the sea comes unpredictable weather conditions. Wind direction can have a big say as this can have a huge impact on feeding habits of the sea fish. We would recommend picking a time when there is an onshore wind which can dislodge food fish eat such as shellfish, marine worms and limpets. This whirlwind of food can attract larger fish that you can try to catch. 

Now let's look at bait. Fish eat less in colder months. Because of this getting the right amount of bait is important to work out. Natural water fishing in the sea is most successful when using bait such as worms and maggots. In particular maggots are good to use all year round. Other alternatives for if you are struggling are joker and bloodworm baits. We have a great selection of baits available on our website.  


Make sure you get all the equipment you need right as well. If you are on a boat the last thing you want to happen is get out on the water and realise you have not got the essentials you need. Keep your tackle light and make sure that your hook sizes are smaller with lighter breaking strain. It goes without saying but make sure you have gear to keep yourself warm like hoodies, coats, hats and gloves. If it is dark make sure you have a head-torch and also a phone or walkie-talkie so that if you get into any bother you can contact someone. For more on how to protect yourself then see our page on angling safely


We hope that you have found this guide helpful if you want to try sea fishing this winter. If you have any questions about what gear you are thinking of taking then visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 01512606015.












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