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Winter River Fishing Tips

Winter River Fishing Tips


It's February which means that we still have a couple more weeks left of the cold weather. Many of you will be looking forward to when the weather gets warmer as that is the most popular time to fish. However if you are a fan of fishing in the cold and the winter then we are guessing you will have still been out Angling. At Taskers Angling we thought we would share some tips on how best to fish by a river during the winter. 


1. Think about location 


One of the most important aspects of fishing has to be location. This becomes even more important when fishing during the winter by a river. This is because when it is cold the rivers have less fish than the summer so getting set up at the right spot is key. If you can find that area there is a good chance you will catch. Also try taking advantage of things such as overhanging trees and bends as fish can gather here. 


2. Tackles, Tactics And Baits


For us we feel ledgering is great for winter river fishing and feeder tactics also work along with using simple gear and baits. Float fishing is also a good option. Simple terminal rigs also should go as well in terms of helping you out. You do not really need to overcomplicate it and this is very good for fishing on still-water. 


When looking at baits things such as bread, worms. These are likely to attract the species that are common in the winter such as barbel, chub, roach and pike. You can never know what you will find but this bait should be good at targeting the species you are likely to find in the winter.

3. Stay On The Move
Making sure that you stay on the move is another good way to help you find success. As mentioned earlier rivers can be large areas to explore and try to catch on and often large parts may be empty of fish. That is why you should move around if you are not finding much success. Because of this we would also recommend keeping the gear you take light so you can move around easier. 
4. Make Sure You Don't Forget About The Pike 
Catching pike is highly rewarding by a cold river. They are highly common at this time of year so making sure you tailor what you take to catching them as there is a good chance you will find one in the river that way. 
We hope that you have found this blog helpful when it comes to fishing on the river during the last few winter weeks. If you have any questions about what gear you should take to help you then please do visit our Liverpool Store or give us a call on 01512606015.














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