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Best ways to stay warm fishing in the cold

Best ways to stay warm fishing in the cold

We are well into the winter now! January and February are often very cold times of the year to go out angling in and although spring and summer are not too far away it is still important to look after yourself if you are fishing in the cold. How you prepare and deal with the cold can make a huge difference to whether or not you enjoy your experience by the water at this time of year. That's why at Taskers Angling we thought we would share some advice with you on how to stay warm when fishing in the cold. 


First of all it is important to make sure you stay as dry as possible. This is obviously more challenging if it is raining where you are, which is why if you are staying somewhere for a long session a bivvy can come in handy in keeping you sheltered. Still even if it is not the water alone can often have temperatures close to freezing. Try to stay clear of it and not get damp as even as tiny bit could cause you a lot of discomfort and make it a cold trip for you. Of course there is always the risk of falling in the water. See our page about Angling Safely so you know what to do if this happens. 

Now what to wear. We would recommend that if it is cold you should layer up on tops, hoody's and jackets. This will help regulate your body temperature. If it is warmer than you first thought you can also take some layers off. As mentioned hoody's and waterproof jackets are the best options when it comes to this. We have a great selection of all these on our website. Having items such as gloves and hats will also go a long way in keeping you warm. 


Make sure to take food and drink with you. Snacking can warm up your core by engaging your stomach muscles which pumps more blood into your hands and feet. Hot drinks as well are a great way to warm you up. Make sure you take a kettle or a thermal mug with you so your well prepared to make and have one. 

We have some other handy tips you can use as well so your not getting unnecessarily cold during your trip out. You can use a catch and release tool so that your hands don't get wet or so that you do not have to touch the fish. You should also rig your rods at home before leaving. One way to get your fingers cold is by tying knots so if possible do this before leaving. 


Finally we would recommend going with someone so you are not on your own. You may not think it'll happen but you do not want to fall in the water and there isn't anybody around to help you or get help. Also it can be fun having someone for company and take those great pictures when you land a big catch! 


We hope that you have found this advice helpful and you feel better prepared when it comes to staying warm in the cold. 

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