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Making The Most Of A New Fishing Venue

Making The Most Of A New Fishing Venue

We are well into the new year now and hopefully a lot of you have managed to get down by the water! Some of you may even be challenging yourselves to visit a new venue and to push yourselves out of your comfort zones. At Taskers Angling we appreciate this can often be a daunting prospect so we thought we would give you some helpful hints so you can get some big catches wherever you try out. 


1. Stick to what you know 


If you are trying somewhere new out there is always the temptation to change or alter the ways that you have normally done things. However if your usual approach works then there really is no need to change it. Play to your strengths and select tackle, tactics and bait you have experience of using. Have confidence and belief in yourself and don't let anything get in your head. 


2. Research the venue you are visiting 


Before going somewhere new do you're homework so you have a good idea of what to expect. The internet and social media will have a lot of up to date information on fisheries near you and wheres best to fish. This will also help provide you information on what species you can expect, what type of anglers are catered for and also rules. On our website we have a lot of information on local and more national fisheries and waters you can try out. 

3. Speak to regular anglers 


Having a conversation with anglers who visit the venue regularly is a good way to better your knowledge of the location. Anglers are often more than happy to talk about the success' that they have had on the water, ranging from the best spots to what bait works best! This advice can help you to form a clearer plan of how you will approach the venue and who knows, you may even make a friend to fish with! 


4. Know the best spots 


Knowing the best places to set up on the venue can be a make or break factor. This will narrow down where you should set up for the best success which can also depend on the weather. An example of this is if a cold wind is blowing from the north you will be knowing where about it hits the water. Make sure you learn the best spots for the best success. 


5. Be alert 


We would recommend that when fishing somewhere new you should stay alert and not let your eyes leave the water. Again this is all comes down to learning about your new surroundings so paying close attention to things like the movement of water and where the fish will gather can only help you. The more you visit the more natural knowing these things will become to you. 


We hope that this guidance will set you up well to tackle that new venue you have always wanted too! Remember if you have any questions about what gear you may need then please visit our Liverpool Store or give us a call on 01512606015.


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