Tech Tuesday - RidgeMonkey Vault Tech Table

All portable tables are the same, right?

Not when your portable table can power your electronics!! Featuring a removable, rechargeable 9500mAh battery and two high-power USB output ports, the RidgeMonkey Vault Tech Table can be used to charge, power or simply keep all your USB compatible devices topped up during your outdoor adventures.

Patent Pending.

  • 18W C-Smart USB-C Power Delivery input
  • 18W C-Smart USB-C Power Delivery output
  • 5V 2.4A USB-A output
  • Removable, rechargeable 9500mAh Li-ion battery
  • LED power display
  • Large wipe clean surface
  • Folding height adjustable legs
  • Large adjustable feet
  • Protected registered design

    • Vault Tech Table
    • Rechargeable 9500mAh battery
    • External Charging Dock
    • USB-A to Multi Out Cable

      • Folded: 480mm x 310mm x 75mm
      • Leg extension: 250mm – 360mm
      • Weight (excluding battery): 1900g
      • 18W or higher Power Delivery Adaptor and Power Delivery compatible cable: 3.5-4 hours
      • Standard 5V 2A power supply: 4.5-5 hours
      • When using the external Tech Battery Charging Dock with USB-C PD or standard 5V 2A power supply: 5-5.5 hours

        • Extra-large high-end ‘plus’ smartphone EG Galaxy S10+, iPhone 11 Pro Max, Hauwei P30 approx charges (per battery): 1.5-2
        • Large high-end smartphone EG Galaxy S10, iPhone 11 Pro, Hauwei P20 approx charges (per battery): 1.5-2.5
        • Medium sized mid-range smartphone EG Galaxy S10e, iPhone 11, Hauwei P10 approx charges (per battery): 2-2.5
        • Mid-range older device EG Galaxy A3, iPhone 8 approx charges (per battery): 3.5-4
        Available from our shop here.
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