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Tips and secrets to make you a better angler

Tips and secrets to make you a better angler

Anglers will all have stories to tell of their time by the water. However they may not want to discuss some of the secrets that can give them the edge when they are by the water. At Taskers Angling we thought that we would share some of our own secrets that hopefully help you land some big catches this spring. 


1. Get your tackle box right


Forward planning is a key reason as to why someone may be having a lot of success by the water. Knowing what it is you want to catch before going and packing your tackle box according to that is a good place to start. If you know you want to catch carp then fill your tackle box with what is needed to catch carp, don't waste that precious space on stuff you may not need which can help catch other species. 


2. Don't be afraid to change


You may notice when out fishing that the fish will simply stop feeding sometimes, even if you are using a bait that will normally work. Don't be afraid to change what you are doing, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. Maybe use a different bait or change the size you are using. Try changing your retrieval speed if you are lure fishing. We would recommend doing any of these if you find you just aren't getting those bites anymore. 


3. Customise your baits 


Making sure your lure stands out is also a handy trick to know. Try using a sharpie or a pen to customise your bait to see if the fish find it enticing. This can make the bait look more like the ones that the fish will eat so hopefully this will lead to more catches. 


4. In the spring fish on shallow waters


Looking in shallow waters in spring can lead to you catching predatory fish who are chasing the new fry. After a long winter where there isn't a lot to feed on these kinds of fish can go into a feeding frenzy. However still follow the previous steps to maximise your chances of having some pretty big catches! We have a page giving some early spring fishing tips you can read.  

5. Keep an eye on the weather  


The weather can have a direct impact on the behaviour of the fish that you are looking to catch. If a storm is approaching it could be a good time to get out by the water. A change in air pressure can unsettle fish meaning that there may be an increase in the bites you are getting. 


We hope that some of these secrets and tips will prove helpful to you and help you land some big catches this spring and into the summer. If you have any questions then do visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 01512606015.







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