Carp fishing in spring

Carp fishing in spring tips 

In the spring the tactics for catching carp compared to the winter changes. Fish start to fill the waters more after retreating in the winter so its a good time to get out to catch carp even if it is still quite cold. At Taskers Angling we thought we would share some tips on how to catch carp in the spring. 


First of all it is important to look at the amount of bait you are using. As air and water temperatures start to rise a carps metabolism will increase due to their lack of feeding over the winter. Be aware though that right at the start of spring this may not be the case as they not appear straight away. We would recommend starting off small in terms of how you use your baits and then add more if you feel you are going to get bites. Finding that balance with what to use if very important.

Looking at margins is also something that we would recommend anglers do. Carp will look for warmer waters and will want to feed there. Shallow waters are the are the best places to look for these warmer waters. If you put the rod in the margins you need to hook the fish straight away to avoid hitting any snags which could lead to losing the carp which know one wants to happen! 


When you go out the most obvious thing you will need to do is actually find the carp. As mentioned the waters will get warmer so carp will be more mobile and easier to spot. Keep an eye out for any signs of were the carp are. Getting to the venue at first light is when the carp are most likely to be active so we recommend doing this. 

Finally what is likely to work best to attract the fish? Using sweetcorn is a good option as it is easy for the carp to digest whilst their metabolism is increasing. It is not just because of how easy it is to eat but it is also very visible in the water so will stand out. In terms of attracting fish we would also recommend using bright hookbaits. Try different colours to see which ones stand out the best. Be confident and use a different one to everyone else to see if it works. 


We hope that these tips will help you to catch plenty of big carp in the spring. Remember if you have any questions about what gear you may need then do visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 01512606015.