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Brand New Baitbox Gear

Brand New Baitbox Gear

At Taskers Angling we are excited to show off our new brand Baitbox. Take a read through our blog to see which of their gear you want to get your hands on and use when out by the water. All are available in-store 


1. Baitbox Zander Pack Roach x 5/6

These are a popular bait with predator anglers. They are frozen immediately to keep them super fresh condition. A slow sinking presentation is very ideal and will ensure the bait sits on any top of weed and is very easy for pike to pick up. These larger roaches have accounted for some big zanders over the years so should hope you catch some big fish. 


2. Baitbox Skimmer Zander Pack x 5


A great alternative to roach for the angler looking for a freshwater deadbait. Bream are often a large percentage of the diet for pike and zander, particularly in natural rivers and stillwaters. Bream rich fisheries have a history of producing very big pike. Although quite a large bait, skimmer bream are ideally suited to both float fishing and legering. They also make great baits to fish on a paternoster or drifter rig up in the water as they make a big target for a pike to hit.


3. Baitbox Mussels In Juice


Mussels make a great bait for a variety of our salt water species. They are very effective for a wide range of coastal species, especially flatfish, codling and eels. Our mussels are pretty much ready to use. All you need to do is thaw them out and they are ready. Just run the the hook through the the mussel, push part of the mussel meat up the shank of the hook then push the meat down and away from the hook point so that it is clear of the bait. 


4. Baitbox Razor Fish x 5/7 

Razorfish (Ensis siliqua) are a vastly underrated bait and can be used for many of our coastal species especially Cod. They are collected from beaches at low tide. We then Vacuum Pack them in convenient packs and Blast Freeze them to hold in their Natural Attractants. It is best fished on a Pennel rig and secured with bait elastic. Open the Razorfish using a pair of scissors or a knife length ways down the join, scoop out the razor making sure you remove all of the body.


5. Baitbox Pike Pack x 6/7 Fish

Pike Pack 6-7 assorted best-selling fish that offer brilliant value for the modern pike angler. Why limit yourself to just one or two baits when a Pike Pack gives you several bait options.The perfect size baits for pike, these baits can be fished on a multitude of different float and leger rigs.We recommend using PikePro size 6 Twin Treble Traces for best results.


We hope you have seen some great gear you want to get your hands on. All of these are available in-store now so make sure you can get yours now. 



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