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Brand New Gear

Brand New Gear

This week at Taskers Angling we have a wide range of new gear available for you to get your hands on this week! We have put together this blog for you to have a look through to see if any of our new items catch your eye.


1. Shakespeare Salt Beach Shelter


This is a sturdy, waterproof and easy to assemble shelter which offers the shore and beach anglers the ultimate base camp comfort and weather protection. It is very spacious which allows you to store plenty of tackle, baits and other equipment and can even accommodate two anglers if you are out with a friend. With some practice it can take little more than a minute to assemble and it is very easy to transport. 


2. Shakespeare Superteam Xertion Margin Poles


An ideal pole when it comes to margin fishing. With this when big fish come close you have the perfect equipment to quickly subdue them. The anti-spook cosmetic is ideal when fishing in a shallow water and the matt finish is great for combating sunny conditions. 


3. Penn Rig Wallet


This rig wallet is a velcro secured neoprene rig wallet that incorporates 12 removable wallets to secure your rigs. The large and removable compartments are self-sealing which will make sure that nothing falls out. 


4. Penn Foldable EVA Boat Bag


Designed especially to keep your tackle and belongings dry and protected. It is waterproof and due to the strong carry handles its easy to bring with you and because of the print on the top you can easily measure your fish.


5. Fox Rage Voyager Camo Hard Accessory Wallet


Perfect for protecting and storing your lures and lure fishing accessories. The hard case adds solid protection and it can also fit bladed jigs into it. There is a blinder system which offers popper sealing for easy wallet access. 


If you want to find out more about any of this gear then please visit our store or give us a call on 01512606015.






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