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Premium carp fishing gifts for Christmas 2022

Premium carp fishing gifts for Christmas 2022

This year at Taskers Angling we have got you covered when it comes to fishing gifts for your loved ones. We know it can be tricky to find angling gifts if you do not fish often yourself. That is why we have put together this blog to help you get premium carp fishing gifts for your loved ones this Christmas.


1. Shimano Ultegra XTE 14000


This reel contains many of Shimano's long cast technologies in a sleek body. Not only do these fishing reels allow you to cast further but they will also play fish better, last longer and look better with whatever rod you decide to pair them with. It is the casting performance that you will buy this reel for. Definitely a great premium fishing gift to get for your loved one. 


2. Fox R Series Barrow Plus


Based on the same design as the R-series barrow but with the addition of extra long extending side rails. The height is adjustable from the front frame and it is quick and simple to adjust. There is are swivelling mud feed with a spiked base for extra stability and pneumatic tyre and wheel bearings. This is a great piece of kit so for transporting all your fishing gear around and one that every angler should have. 


3. Trakker RLX Combi-Chair


Incredibly light and compact this chair. Cover can be removed revealing a quick-drying rainproof mesh fabric and then the cover can be used for sitting against a bedchair if you have a guest. Other key features of this bedchair include a strong and lightweight aluminium frame and adjustable front legs with mud feet. 


4. Trakker Tempest Brolly 100


A bivvy which is perfect when it comes to making sure you are comfortable out by the water. It is a truly multi-functional shelter which can be tailored to your needs with a choice of two infill panels that can be zipped into the front of the brolly. Other key features of this brolly include skull Cap, skull Cap Wrap, social cap and groundsheet. A high quality bivvy is something that an angler will definitely need, particularly if they are out over the winter so this makes a great, high end Christmas gift. 


5. Nash MF60 Indulgence 5 Season SS4 MK2


One of our most premium Christmas gifts that we have available. Features double legs on end sections for maximum support whilst maintaining all of the features that have established this range as one of the most comfortable, advanced sleeping systems that has ever been released. Some of the key features of this bed includes

  • Inner body baffles for improved heat retention
  • Heavy duty crash zips with anti snag baffles
  • Fast fit elastic toggles for Pillow, Shrouds and Mattress Sheet
  • Enlarged hinge mechanism with twin compression straps for flat transport

Definitely one to look at getting if you really are looking to treat someone! 


We hope that you have seen some great premium carp fishing gifts that you want to get for your loved one this Christmas. If you have any questions about any of these products then please visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 0151 260 6015

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