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Brand new gear this week

Brand new gear this week

This week at Taskers Angling we have a lot of exciting new gear which has come into our store. We thought that we would share some of these with so you can see if there is anything that you want to get your hands on. 


1. Nash Hook Kickers

Instantly create aggressive rig mechanics and fast turning hooks with these angled, extra tough diffusion camo tube extensions. 


Brilliant on Gyro and Ronnie Rigs, ensuring hooks sit perfectly under the pop up and allowing hooks to be changed instantly without shrink tube or steam.


2. Nash Medi Carp Kit

Promotes tissue repair and helps to ensure carp stay in prime condition. Other key features include: 

-1 x 25ml bottle of Medi Carp
-4 x Applicator buds
-1 x Drying Towel
-Zipped storage pouch


3. Korda Windshield Large

Provides the perfect barrier in inclement weather conditions which ensures your stove continues to deliver efficient heat transfer. Foldable and sturdy aluminium plates wrap around the stove to shield the flame from the wind. 


The special hinged design allows the Windshield to fold completely flat for storage and fits perfectly inside the Compac Cookware Bag.


4. Guru A-Class 300 Net Handle 3m 2pc 

A 3m, two-piece, take-apart handle, created from 24T tensile carbon composite blank construction. The A-Class net handle offers a strong, stiff and affordable net handle that won't let you down. 


The 2pc overcap blank design creates a fast taper blank that is lightweight and well balanced.


5. Matrix Surefit Baseball Cap - Light Grey

A stylish grey cap which will look great on a warm day. It should help you to stay cool and it is fully adjustable for a perfect fit. Also features a 3D embossed front logo and and an adjustable rear strap.  


We hope you have seen some gear that you want to get your hands on! Remember if you have any questions then please visit our store or give us a call on 01512606015.

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