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Places to fish: Winterley Pool Fishery

Places to fish: Winterley Pool Fishery

Located just outside of Crewe, around an hour away from our Liverpool Store is this great fishery. At 7.5 acres there is plenty of space for anglers to explore and to try and land those big catches on.


In terms of the species of fish that anglers can expect to catch here there are mainly common and mirror carp which can weigh up to 20lbs. Many of the bream and silverfish have been removed to give the carp more nutrients and food which allows them to grow. This also shows that this fishery puts the care of its fish at the heart of what they do. 


As ever there are rules that people visiting will need to follow. These include everyone fishing their needing an unhooking mat and landing net, you cannot leave rods unattended, no dogs and also barbless hooks only. Tickets are needed to be able to fish here. 


We hope that as many of you as possible manage to visit this fishery. Remember that if you need any gear then visit our shop were we can help you get the right stuff for you. 


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