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Tips for staying cool when out fishing

Tips for staying cool when out fishing

We may be in September but the weather is still warm and we are hoping it stays that way a little longer. However it is worth noting that staying cool is something that all anglers should keep in mind as getting too hot can lead to you stopping fishing early or suffering from sunstroke. Here are some of our main tips for staying cool when out fishing. 


The best place to start when trying to stay cool is to make sure you stay hydrated. Make sure that you have plenty of water with you. If you want to keep it cool then you could consider getting a coolabox so that even in the hottest weather your drinks will be kept cool. 


Another key tip is to make sure that where you are fishing has plenty of shade. This can come from setting up in a position were the sun is not directly shining down on you or more making sure there is somewhere you can move to, to get out of it for a bit i.e. under a tree. Having a dependable bivvy though is something we feel all anglers should be equipped with. We offer plenty of these available for you to pick from. 


In terms of clothing we would recommend wearing light and breathable gear.  During particularly hot days make sure you are not wearing insulated dark clothing. Sunglasses and hats will also help, you definitely won't want the sun in your eyes as well when trying to land those big catches. 

Finally it is important to know yourself what your limits are. If you feel it is too hot for you then do not go and instead pick another time in which the weather is cooler or as mentioned earlier make sure there is plenty of shade available where you are setting up. 


We hope these tips help you whilst you are out fishing in the warmer weather and that you can make the most of the last few weeks of the hot weather. 



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