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Mid-Season Sale: Trakker Gear

Mid-Season Sale: Trakker Gear

We still have our mid-season sale live and there is plenty of great trakker gear that you can get your hands on. All of this is available now either in our Liverpool store or online so make sure to get whatever it is you like whilst there is time. 


1. Trakker Sanctuary Cradle


This provides off the ground safety and protection for the fish that you catch. They have designed to make the handling, unhooking and photographing of the largest fish as safe and simple as possible. The cradle features the unique multi functional solid internal cover made from rugged and fish friendly material. This can be used to lay the fish on and water can be retained inside the cradle to keep the fish wet at all times. It can also be used and placed over the top of a fish and used as a temporary cover to calm down lively fish. 


2. Trakker Optics 10x42 Binoculars


Coated lenses improve light transmission offering improved clarity and brightness. The large central rubber focusing wheel is easy to turn even when wearing gloves. Another feature is the twist and click rubber eyecups which offer easy positioning of eyes at the correct point-especially useful for those who wear glasses. Other key features include: 

  • Retained rubber object and eye-piece lens protective caps
  • Dust and water-proof assembly ensures long-lasting performance
  • Nitrogen-filled chambers ensure zero internal fogging
  • Diopter right eyepiece adjustment for perfectly balanced focusing


3. Trakker X-Trail Galaxy Barrow


With a large loading space and a compact, foldaway design, the X-trail galaxy barrow is super balanced when loaded. There is deep, spacious storage space with a zipped lid to keep its contents secured and there is a mud guard to prevent spray from the wheel covering items on your barrows. There are also side rails for added security and has been manufactured from a super-strong steel and aluminium construction.   


4. Trakker N2 Chest Waders


Lightweight and comfortable with high-quality elasticated braces. There are fully adjustable waist straps with an internal chest wader pocket with two-tone quality PVC boot. It is supplied in a unique air-drying carry bag and there is a wader repair kit included. 

5. Trakker Tempest Advanced 150 Skull Cap


This is specifically designed for the tempest advanced 150. Reduces condensation and increases shade, can also be left in place during set-up and pack-down. The clips are also easy to fit and can be left in place. Other key features include: 

  • Rain gutter
  • Dual rod straps
  • Draw string carry bag
  • Compatible with 201530 Tempest Advanced 150 (available separately)


We hope you have seen some great Trakker gear that you want to get your hands on. If you have any questions then please visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 01512606015.


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