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This weeks newest gear

This weeks newest gear

Recently at Taskers Angling we have seen plenty of new gear come into our store. We have put together this blog so you can have a look at these products and so that you can see if there is anything you like. 

1. BerkleyTwist Lock Utility 4 Rod Rack 
This saves space whilst neatly and securely storing up to 4 complete rod and reel combos and it is ideal for mounting in boats and on UTVs. You use enclosed screws to attach to wood, metal, fiberglass or plastic. Spacing between mounts vary depending on gear stored. Other key features include: 
-Molded from durable, lightweight polypropylene
-Improved foam and twist lock rod holding mechanisms
-13 1/4" on center interlocking anchor points allows for rack expansion   
2.  NGT Carp Sling System & Case
A deluxe sling system with zips on either side. It allows you to easily and safely place the sling on top of your unhooking mat, then place the fish on this, zip up then weigh and release with ease. The sling has fibre glass rods running through its upper seam for added strength and stability now with reinforced caps and supplied in a case.  
3. Fox Collapsable Water Bucket Inc. Drop Cord & Clip
Has a collapsable design for easy storage. There is a rigid top ring and it also has a 4.5 litre capacity. There is a removable 1.6m drop cord with a clip to aid filling. All round it is perfect for fish care, cleaning hand, mixing groundbait and multiple other uses. 
4. Fox Weighing Tripod
Ideally suited to anglers who are either weighing fish on their own, or weighing very large carp and who may need extra support or stability. There is a  two piece legs with spigot in the middle which stops the legs from slipping over under the heavy weight of the fish. The wide footprint aids stability and it is also made from a top quality hardwearing steel. 
5. Fox Halo 27K Wireless Power Pack
Wireless charging with compatible with the latest phones. There is also cable charging and an lcd display to show charging a power level. It is also waterproof and there is a reliable li-polymer battery. There is an included charger with a power-pack. 
We hope you have seen some great new gear that you want to get your hands on! if you have any questions about any of these then please visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 01512606015.
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