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Bank holiday bedchair deals

Bank holiday bedchair deals

To celebrate the four day bank holiday at Taskers Angling we are offering some unmissable deals. To start with we are looking at some great bedchair offers which are available to buy now! Read through to see if any catch your eye. 


1. Trakker Levelite Oval Wide Bed System


This bed was made out of a desire to create a bed which makes more efficient use of space inside most shelters whilst retaining the supreme comfort associated with the existing range of levelite beds. It can also be pushed right back in the majority of shelters meaning anglers can make the most of the space to store other angling essentials 


It is made up of the bed itself along with a 3-season sleeping bag which fits perfectly into the contours of the frame and which features a head and foot hoods combined with velcro side attachments for zero movement. The oval shape adds to the thermal properties of the bag aiding faster warming and greater-heat retention around the feed. 


2. Trakker RLX 8 Leg Bed System


Offers anglers one of the most comfortable bed systems to date. The system offers a completely flat profile topped with a luxurious, high density mattress, ensuring the perfect nights sleep. The choice this bed provides is soft polyester on one side or ultra warm on the other. 


The frame houses eight legs for optimum load distribution across the frame. A full-length, fully adjustable lumbar support allows for the user to tailor the firmness of the mattress to create maximum comfort.

3. Shimano Trench Gear MAG Bedchair System 4 Season Wide
This wide bedchair has been developed for maximum support, comfort and temperature control. The other main key features of this bed include: 
  • Lay-Flat Design For Comfort
  • Flat Pack For Easy Transport
  • Swing Lock Leg For Easy Erection
  • Foot Cover For Protection


4. Aqua Atom Bed System


Born from a firm focus of wanting to offer a bed that offers the perfect balance between mobility and comfort. It has been designed and developed to sit under low compact shelters and to offer optimum performance for mobile anglers. It also comprises of a low-profile aluminium frame with six legs for even weight distribution and fully adjustable lumbar support. The mattress is also self inflating, utilising air to allow it to be tailored to your preferred comfort. 


We hope that you have seen some products you like and want to get your hands on! If you have any questions about anything then please visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 01512606015.


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