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In focus: C C Moore Live System Bag Mix Pack Bucket

In focus: C C Moore Live System Bag Mix Pack Bucket

As we head into winter it is becoming more and more important that we have the proper bait to contend with the weather. This bag should save you any worries though as it contains high quality proteins, including yeasts, bird foods, cream powders, CSL Powder and other easily digested ingredients. 

Whats ideal about this product is that it contains the highly effective bait combination of an appetite stimulating loose feed and a multi attractor hookbait. This will help you get a bite in even the most challenging conditions, something that we will all be experiencing very soon as the colder days and nights draw in. 

In the bag there is 2kg live system bag mix, 100ml live system bait dip and 20 x live system white pop ups 13-14mm. Other key features include over 25% pure live system boilie crumband sweet and white milkimin pellets. This product should also be stored in a cool and dry area out of the sunlight. 

Overall at Taskers Angling we feel this is a great product that offers the perfect solution to having the best bait for over winter. 

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