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In Focus: Trakker RLX 8 Leg Bed System

In Focus: Trakker RLX 8 Leg Bed System

As we head into winter having a dependable bed will become essential for all Anglers, in particular if you are looking to camp out overnight. The Trakker RLX 8 leg bed system should provide you with this and this is why we are focusing on this product. 


This bed will work well all year round underlining why it is an excellent investment! The system utilises a completely flat profile topped with a luxurious, high-density mattress to ensure the perfect night’s sleep. Along with this the all-year-round sleeping bag attached to the mattress utilises our 365 concept, enabling you to remove the reversible inner layer for use in 3-season or 5-season conditions. You get the choice between soft polyester on one side or ultra-warm, which means this is the perfect solution for summer or winter use. This highlights again why this product is an excellent investment as it should last a while. 


The frame houses eight legs for optimum load distribution across the frame, which makes this the tallest bed that Trakker have brought to us, at an impressive 42cm that can be adjusted to 57cm. Some other key features that this bed has are its luxurious waffle knit micro fleece covering the centre of the mattress with a robust outer perimeter, 8 adjustable legs with rotating mud feet for optimum load distribution and double-hinge technology allows the sleeping bag to stay attached to the bed when folded up.


All in all we feel that this bed is the perfect solution for Anglers, in particular as we come into the colder months. If you have anymore questions then do not hesitate and come into our Liverpool Store or call us on 01512606015.




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