by James Donaghy

Disperse PVA Mesh has been developed for fast efficient use of PVA, making bags and sticks in superfast time with very little waste. Super-tight micro-weave allows use with the smallest of baits while the total dissolve formula ensures that you are fishing with complete confidence every time. With 3 diameters to choose from, the Disperse PVA Mesh range is perfect for all kinds of baiting applications and can be used to present oily stick mixes, maggots, crushed boilies, PVA-friendly particles, pellets, cat biscuits, chum mixers and more – if the surface of your bait is dry, you can use the Disperse PVA Mesh to get it out to its intended destination.


Features: •    Micro-weave PVA mesh •    Anti-ladder material •    Zero residue •    Available in Wide (30mm), Boilie (25mm)      & Stick (20mm) diameters