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This weeks brand new arrivals

This weeks brand new arrivals

The last week at Taskers Angling has seen plenty of exciting new gear arrive in our store! We thought that we would share a few of these with you in our blog so you know a little bit more about them. 


1. Guru Drag-Line 1000m

This super tough abrasion resistant drag mono mainline is now available on a much larger 1000m spool, giving enough line to comfortably load a few reels at once instead of buying separate spools for each of your reels. It is firmly established as a mainline of choice for anglers tackling commercial venues and it is ideal for method fishing and pellet wangler work. 


2. Guru Plus 4 System 17L


Heavy duty rectangle bucket with 4 internal storage containers, perfect for storing large amounts of particles, frozen live baits, ground baits and boilies. Additional containers can also be bought separately. 


3. Shimano Baitrunner CI4+ XTB Medium Longcast


This reel comes with a big list of features. It contains hagane gearing, X-SHIP, hi speed drag, X protect, CI4+ body and rotor and of course the baitrunner system for free spool properties. The baitrunner system is ideal in use when the angler is fising on the bottom with lead and he needs the freespool facilities of baitrunner.


4. Nash Citruz Cultured Fizzing Stick Mix 200g


The stick consists of the same deadly fruit esters, aminos, nucleotides, vitamins and minerals as the living skin on nash citruz cultured hookbaits. As a ground-breaking bait from nash, this stick mix offers a step forward in active attraction. Its success is thanks to the gentle fizzes when in the water, breaking up the mix and releasing food particles through the water column. This helps to draw carp to the hookbait using sight, sound, smell and taste.


5. Matrix Pro Feeder Tray


Developed to shield your bait whilst offering maximum storage solutions. The unique folding shelf is designed to securely hold your small accessories when in use or in transit. Tension hinges allow the lid to stay open without adjustment and the reinforced EVA base provides a rigid surface for your bait tubs. 


We hope that you have seen some great new gear you want to get your hands on! If you have any questions then please visit our store or give us a call on 01512606015.


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