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When's the best time to go fishing?

When's the best time to go fishing?

Just like choosing your bait selecting the right time to fish can be a decider as to whether you catch or you don't. Those slow days where nothing seems to happen are best avoided and with this short guide hopefully you'll be aware of some important principles that will help you have a successful day out. 


1. What's the best weather to go fishing in?


Angling in the right weather is important in determining whether you catch the species of fish you want. For example if the weather is warm and more oxygenated species such as Bass, Carp and Catfish will be more catchable. On the other hand some species will favour the colder weather, which we are about to head into. Trout, Perch and Pike are more catchable in the winter so doing research into what temperature works best is important in making sure you are successful.

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2. When are the best times of day to fish?


It is considered that the best time to go fishing is either at dawn or dust as a lot of fish feed the hardest then. Again though this can be dependent on what it is that you are aiming to catch. Certain species such as catfish will feed at night as they will look for prey around that time. Some other fish are the other way round and will do this in the morning. What can be seen though is that researching into feeding behaviour will be beneficial in helping you to get the catches you want. 


3. Selecting the best season to go fishing


Different fish have different peak seasons. Working out the specific fish that you want to catch means you can identify the best season to go out looking for them. Again doing the research into this depending on what you want to catch really is vital! In your local fishing spot if you know that there are a lot of species that respond well in the summer then you will want to go around that time. Expert anglers tend to follow the temperature very closely so if you want to have big catches then do the research.  

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Hopefully this has helped you to grasp a better understanding of when you should fish. Angling is year round though and we would encourage you to try and catch different species at different times of the year as this provides a enjoyable challenge. If you feel you need products to get you up and running then come and visit our Liverpool store or ring us on 01512606015

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