Essential items to take on your fishing trip

Essential items to take on your fishing trip


If you are going on that long awaited Angling trip away then there is a fair bit of planning involved. This may not be as exciting compared to the fishing but can determine whether your trip is a success or not. What should you take then? At Taskers Angling we have put together a short guide advising you on whats best to take with you on your trip.


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So what really are the essentials? Bringing a lighter rod is always a good place to start and will save you a lot of weight for other equipment that is needed. Lures and an extra fishing line are also important as well as a knife for filleting fish, live baskets, and other tackle to last you for as long as you are going for. Unless you are staying in a cabin or shelter that is provided at the location then you will need a bivvy and comfy bed chairs to sleep on. Check the weather for when you are going as beds in particular can be dependent on the season so make sure to check the one you have or are thinking of buying will be suitable to when you're going. 


You will need certain tools as well that won't necessarily help you catch a fish but that could come in handy if needed. Firstly a radio or mobile phone is key if you need to get in contact with someone, whether that be someone who is on your trip or someone who knows you are away. You will also need a lantern and a flashlight for safety reasons and to see. Make sure that you pack extra batteries for all of these if suitable so that there is no issue incase you run out.

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Comfort will become important during the duration of your trip. You don't want to end up losing motivation or patience if you don't feel comfortable where you are. Taking things like extra socks, blankets and warm clothes should hopefully avoid this. Also things to keep on top of your hygiene whilst away will keep up your mood, depending on where you are staying and what facilities are available would determine what is best to take though. Food you like as well is also advised, even if you are planning on eating what you catch nothing can beat those home comforts that you enjoy!


Finally a first aid kit is key and should not be forgotten. Check it before you leave to make sure you have everything you need in it. You may think this is not important and you'd rather use that space for something else but you really don't want to find yourself in a bad situation without one so it is best to always be careful and take it. Cameras are great for capturing the moment and holding the great memories you will hopefully make so we definitely recommend taking one with you. 


Fishing trips away are great fun and can be experiences that last with us for years to come. We are confident that by following this guide you will have the best experience possible. If you need any advice on what products will best suit your trip then please come into our Liverpool Store or ring us on 01512606015.