The mental health benefits of fishing

Angling is highly regarded as one of the key ways your mental health can be improved. For many people it is a way of achieving a healthy body and mind, also if you have had a tough day or week it is a great way to clear your head. However we are aware at Taskers Angling that people can struggle with their mental health, whether that be through anxiety or depression. Because of this we feel it was important to highlight some of the key ways fishing can help if you are experiencing a difficult time. 

A charity that does a lot of work in order to help people who are struggling with mental health is Tackling Minds. The charity was set up in Littleborough, just outside Manchester, about an hour and a half away from our Liverpool Store. They put on angling events for people who are suffering with mental health issues but also people struggling with other issues such addiction, disabilities and family issues. It is hoped that these opportunities that the charity provides will fulfil a number of aims. These include: 

  • Engaging with the local environment
  • Providing an opportunity for people to re-engage with society
  • Developing individuals by providing opportunities for up-skilling, education, social engagement and volunteering

But why use fishing as a way to help people deal with these issues? Firstly being by the water is a great way to relieve stress, it gets you away from everyday life and can be used almost as a form of therapy. It keeps you active, casting lines and netting fish is not easy work and can be a good form of exercise as well as the walking thats involved! Finally simply being outdoors is beneficial for your health and can improve your overall mood.

If you are struggling then we greatly encourage you to talk to someone who can help or get in touch with Tackling Minds. As outlined Angling is a great way to help deal with such issues like depression and anxiety which is why we cannot encourage it enough. 

Pictures courtesy of Tackling Minds