Recycling your fishing line

Recycling your fishing line 

When it comes to the environment it is important that we all do our bit to make sure it is well kept and maintained. At Taskers Angling this is something that we feel strongly about as making sure that when people go angling they have the best experience possible in a clean environment. Recycling your fishing line is one to do this which is why we thought we would share more information with you about this. 


So why should you recycle your fishing line? Well firstly anglers are not the only people who use the waters so getting rid of a fishing line incorrectly can impact boaters, other visitors and the wildlife, not just the fish but other animals that live in the area. By recycling your line you are in fact helping to reduce pollution. This will limit the potential hazards wildlife could face, it will improve the image and reputation of angling and will actually help to lead to better fishing. The amount of line UK anglers send to landfills each year can reach the moon so finding somewhere to recycle it should be a priority. 

It is important to understand which types of lines can actually be recycled properly and what happens to them when they are. Many of the lines can be used to make plastic pellets or fishing spools. The most eco-friendly line to recycle though are monofilament lines which are made from strong, single stand plastic lines. Braided lines however are harder to recycle. Cutting them into small lengths before discarding them should help though as this will help stop the wildlife that go through your rubbish from becoming hurt.


Where can you actually recycle your line then? Many fishing stores will take in old lines and recycle them for you so visiting a store is the best way to do this. Saving up gear like lines that can be recycled is a brilliant way to help protect the fishing environment and doing your research and finding local bins by you is something that will make a big difference.


We hope that as many of you as possible start trying to save up gear such as lines that you can recycle and do so to protect the environment that we all love to angle in!