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The benefits of getting kids to fish 


One of the best things about fishing is that it really is for everyone. No matter your age, gender or background it is a hobby that everyone can enjoy and get a thrill from. The sport also provides young people with a whole host of benefits that can prove rewarding as they progress through life. We feel it is important to look at what these key benefits are and promote them to you. Fishing isn't also expensive which makes it great for the family.


Physical and mental health 

It is vital that young people are happy. Being outdoors and active is a way to promote this and angling offers the perfect opportunity to be able to do this. Young people will learn to appreciate nature, form bonds with family and friends instead of socialising online and form vital communication skills. if you do struggle it is important though to get help with it and not to suffer in silence. 

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Teaches skills 

As young people fish they will pick up valuable skills that can be brought into all areas of their lives. All anglers will know that patience is key when at the water, although sometimes it can be frustrating not getting the catch you want. However teaching young people to be patient is important in their development for later life. In addition to this skill independence is also learnt. As young people become more confident in what it is that they are doing they can fish with less of an impact from parents or carers. Again independence is key for later life. 


Promotes a healthy lifestyle 

Angling is a great way to relieve stress and relax. Combined with being outdoors for a long period of time this lays the foundation for what will hopefully lead to kids having a healthy lifestyle in the future. 

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Family bonding

Parents want to bond and create memories with their children. Days out fishing offer the perfect chance for this to be done. It is a great way to spend a weekend or a holiday and for parents is a rewarding experience when they see their child building skills and creating memories. If your child is interested in fishing then Angling project and Port Sunlight angling club offer an excellent opportunity for them to get involved. 


Helps them to stay out of trouble

This can be applied to when they are in school or even in later life. it can help children steer away from falling in with the wrong crowd and being influenced in a negative and damaging way. Hopefully as they grow up fishing will become a key part of who they are so they won't be tempted to get into trouble.  


Gets them to appreciate nature 

Fishing will naturally lead into embracing nature more. As mentioned a lot of children nowadays prefer to play video games and watch TV instead of being outdoors. Taking them into an outdoor setting will hopefully get them to have a greater appreciation of nature which they can take into their adult lives.