Top tips for taking children fishing

Top tips for taking children fishing 

Many parents love to take their kids fishing. It's a great day out for all of the family and it teaches young people a lot of valuable skills such as patience, confidence and independence. However you may be wondering what is the best way to get your kids engaged in the sport? That is why we have put together a short guide on some of the best ways to take children fishing. 


1. Guided Angling 

You may not be an angler yourself but your child wants to start fishing. In this case you may struggle to show them how to participate in the sport. That is why getting someone who has a lot of experience in angling is often a good route to go down. As we have our store based in Liverpool we know places where this is possible. XStream Fishing provides tuition and lessons to younger people and adults as well for varying prices. They have been active for over 3 years and at times free lessons can be available.

A class being put on by XStream fishing 


2. Start off with short sessions 

We recommend that when starting out fishing with a young person you keep the sessions short, maybe just a few hours. This way it will most likely keep them engaged for longer and will make them more likely to want to go again. Staying too long could lead to boredom early on and impatience, something all anglers know won't lead to a successful catch. 


3. Go to an easy to catch venue  

Again this is all about trying to keep young people engaged when they are first starting out. Going to a place where they are likely to catch will give them a buzz and again will make them enjoy angling, hopefully meaning that they will come back to the water with you again.

 XStream fishing at a local park in Liverpool


4. Keep it fun 

Sounds simple but if fishing isn't made fun then young people probably will not enjoy it. A lot of it is to do with the experience as a whole and not just the fish that are hopefully being caught. Looking out for other wildlife and making the most of other attractions in the area you are at will hopefully make it even more of an enjoyable experience. 


We hope that you can all get your children out in a fun and memorable way over the coming weeks or months. Remember angling is for everyone and we want to get as many of you fishing as possible. If you are looking for products to get your child started then visit our Liverpool Store or ring us on 01512606015. 


Pictures courtesy of Explore Liverpool