Energizer Max AAA 4+4 Promo Pack

SKU: 7638900411188
Energizer Max AAA 4+4 Promo Pack - taskers-angling

Energizer Max AAA 4+4 Promo Pack

SKU: 7638900411188
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Emergizer AAA 4+4 Promo Pack

This competitively-priced blister pack of new 1.5 Volt Energizer Max AAA LR3 alkaline batteries contains eight cells. LR03 or AAA cells are typically used in computer peripherals such as keyboards and wireless mice, smaller clocks, remote controls, toys and compact torches in addition to some models of shavers and trimmers. Please check the appliance battery code before ordering; AAA batteries measure 44.5 millimetres in height and have a diameter of 10.5 millimetres.


AAA/LR03 cells are also compatible with 4003, AM4, K3A, MN2400, MX2400 and PC1500 sizes. Designed for single use, Energizer Max batteries are manufactured using industry-leading technology, have a shelf life of ten years and are designed to withstand leaks for two years - even after being completely discharged.


The Energizer Max battery range is a direct replacement for previous Ultra Plus products and is free of mercury, offering environmental benefits when disposed of correctly.

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