Gardner Covert Clip Kit Session Pack

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OPTION1: C-Thru Brown
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These packs feature the Covert Lead Clip, that are the smallest and least conspicuous Size 8 Swivel safety lead clip available.

They are easy to use, and are designed so that the size 8 Kwik- Lok swivel ‘clicks’ securely into place inside the front barrel of the lead clip.

The unique Covert Lead Clip design offers truly adjustable, consistent lead discharge that’s set by the position of the Covert Tail Rubber.

The fine tuning of the Covert Lead Clip system was further enhanced by improvements we applied to the design of dedicated Covert Tail Rubbers (supplied).

For the quickest lead drop only partially push the tail rubber on the rear (and/or trim back the lead arm).

In circumstances where it’s not necessary to lose the lead push the tail rubber fully on.

These packs include: 5 x Lead Clips, 5 x Tail Rubbers (improved), 5 x Anti-Tangle Sleeves, 5 x Kwik-Lok Swivels Size 8.

Available in 5 colour variations: Solid Green, Solid Brown, C-Thru Green, C-Thru Brown and C-Thru Black (Silt).

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