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Gardner Covert Rolling Swivels Size 8 Anti-Glare

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The most popular swivel used in Carp fishing: Size 8 Rolling Swivels. The anti-glare finish makes the swivels less obtrusive, blending into the lake bed far better than other swivels, making them popular with anglers fishing for any species in clear water where rig camouflage is more important. This is a crucial rig component that has to be completely trustworthy and well worth buying the best available quality.

* Heavy duty for maximum strength - they will never let you down at a critical moment.
* Round Eye for good knot performance.
* Black Anti-Glare finish for ultimate camouflage.
* Batch tested for quality assurance.
* Sized to fit Gardner Lead Clips and most others.
* 20 swivels per pack.

Top Tip - A great idea to get the best out of your swivels is to incorporate a Q-Ring to make a quick change flexi-ring swivel type set up; all the advantages of a flexi-ring swivel plus the quick change facility - excellent!

GARDNER Covert Swivels - Anti Glare £2.99

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