Guru Method Mould Mini

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Guru Method Mould Mini

SKU: 5060519390219
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Guru Method Mould Mini

Guru Method Mould Mini

The Guru Method Moulds makes loading Guru Method Feeders quick and easy. 


Loading Method Feeders by hand can be very tricky and nowhere near as effective as using a Method Mould. The Method Moulds have been designed to make the whole loading process easier. As well as providing the exact same quantity of pellets, or groundbait every cast. A Method Mould not only allows you to regulate feeding, but it also results in the perfectly loaded feeder every single cast which improves casting accuracy, distance and overall bait presentation.


The Guru Method Moulds are made from a unique non-stick material which eliminates the chance of bait sticking in the mould and slowing down the loading process. There is a soft X-Press button on the back of the mould which can be pressed and drops the feeder out of the mould. 


Made from a bright orange material which makes the mould quick and easy to identify when on your side tray, or spot if you’ve dropped on the bankside.


Available in Large, Small and Mini to fit existing Guru Method Feeders.

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