Korda flying back leads

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Korda flying back leads

Back leads are somewhat of a contentious topic in the avid carp fishing community, but you’ll be hard pressed to find an angler who doesn’t have a back lead or two in their tackle box Back leads are essential to keep your line flush to the lake or river bed, which is vital when you’re targeting carp that are easily spooked. These Safe Zone Flying Back Leads from Korda have been especially designed to create a protected zone around the bait.


With a choice of three weights you’re able to determine exactly how back on your line the back lead flies when you cast. The lighter the weight the further back it flies. This is ideal for the angler who likes to do a lot of feature finding before they set up on a swim, as you can pick precisely the back lead that will pin your line in the perfect position.


The Safe Zone Flying Back Leads are easy to remove from your line, thanks to the slit through the hard plastic inner that allows you to clip your lead off and on your line with ease. This slit has been especially designed so as not to damage your precious line (the Safe Zone Flying Back Leads are not suitable for use with braids). The lead itself also has a slit down the side to fit it neatly to your line, so the whole outfit can be removed quickly and easily. The lead is made from non-toxic materials. The Safe Zone Flying Back Leads also come supplied with a 4mm rubber stop, which you fit to your line before attaching the lead.


The Flying Back Lead has also been designed with a tapered whole to fit over most leader knots, to reduce the risk of jamming. Available in 4g, 5g, and 7.5g packs of six, the lightest weights are suggested for short range fishing, with the heavier weights being ideal for distance casting.

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