Korda Hybrid Stiff Hookline 20lb 20m

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OPTION1: Gravel Brown
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Korda Hybrid Stiff Hookline 20lb 20m

A lot of work has gone into making changes to the original Hybrid hooklength material. The coating in particular on the new Korda Hybrid Stiff Coated Braid is obviously slightly stiffer, and Korda have spent a lot of time working on the colours of the coating through watching, on underwater cameras, the reaction to various samples in a fishing situation.
By having a stiff section of hooklink it will lie straight on the lakebed, with a small section of the stiff coating removed the soft braid end exposed next to hook gives enough movement for the hook to go in the mouth, because the rest of the hooklink is already straight the fish will have to move the minimum of distances until the lead is felt the hook starts to tale hold and hopefully the carp bolts.
The Korda Hybrid Stiff Coated Braid is rated with a 20lb breaking strain and come on 20 meter spools in both weedy green or gravel brown.

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