Korda Longshank X Hook

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Korda Longshank X Hook

Based on the dimensions of the legendary fly hooks, like the B175, that found favour in the emerging big-carp scene, the Longshank X is perfect for tackling ultra-riggy fish on pressured waters. 
The 20-degree in-turned eye helps it to flip over and catch hold faster than any other hook and the long, straight point ensures good hook holds, time and again. Forging on the bend makes the Longshank X a formidable pattern, that won't let you down in tough, snaggy conditions. It can be used for pop-up and bottom-bait presentations.

KLSX1 - size 1 KLSX8 - size 8
KLSX2 - size 2 KLSX10 - size 10
KLSX4 - size 4 KLSX12 – size 12
KLSX6 - size 6


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