Korda Probe Marker Lead 3oz & 4oz

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Korda Probe Marker Lead 3oz & 4oz

  • - Mixed pack of 2oz & 3oz OR 3oz & 4oz
  • - Uncoated to increase sensitivity
  • - Pronged to not only provide the most senstive feedback possible but also retract some of the weed
  • - Great casting qualities
  • The sensitivity of the feedback from the pronged lead allows you to identify clear areas in sparse weed to the point where you can pinpoint exactly where the clear spots begin and end.
  • The original probe lead remains an integral part of our range as it’s ideal for skipping the marker lead through the weed whereas the pronged lead would snarl up quite quickly. The pronged lead is for finding small differences to fine tune how you approach your spot.

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