Korda Subline Ultra Tough Sinking Mono Green 1000m

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Korda Subline Ultra Tough Sinking Mono Green 1000m

Korda SUBline UltraTough Sinking Mono Green / Brown 1000m Fishing Line - All Sizes SUBline is fast becoming a modern classic. It's a truebig-fish hunter's line, with all the performance and reliability that you couldask for in a monofilament main line. It's incredibly tough and abrasionresistant, yet it casts extremely well, thanks to its suppleness. As you'dexpect, it also sinks like a brick, making it the go-to line for many of thecarp scene's biggest names. Features: Thebest big-carp line ever made Super-toughand supple Fastsinking Availablein 10lb, 12lb, 15lb, 20lb Length: 1000m Colour: Green, Brown

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