Korda Spinner Swivels Size 11

SKU: 5060660631438

Korda Spinner Swivels Size 11

SKU: 5060660631438
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Korda Spinner Swivels Size 11

Korda Spinner Swivels sz11

This is the perfect choice for anybody who want less metal-ware on their spinner rigs. The Spinner Swivel comes in size 11 and simply features a crook on one side of it, onto which the eye of your hook can easily be located, and held in place with a Kicker, and with just a normal swivel eye on the other side of it, which a loop of Boom material can easily be crimped to. This simplifies everything and makes it less obtrusive, by doing away with a metal ring as part of the swivel. You get 12 Spinner Swivels in a pack.


Key features

  • Specifically designed for spinner rigs
  • Minimum amount of metal-ware
  • Easy to change the hook


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