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Ultra Big Butt . We have often been asked to produce a lead with a flat back,but have never been sure that this has any significant advantages, Over the years these have gained in popularity,  with more and more anglers using the IMP we felt that combining the two, thus getting the bait closer behind the lead some casting advantages would be gained when using larger baits. With any lead there is a safe zone behind it, where the body of the lead leaves a hole  for the bait to travel, without slowing the lead down to quickly. The larger the body the further behind it the safe zone extends but the aero dynamics of the lead must also be taken into account otherwise we would cast coconuts with whole squid behind. The speed of the lead through the air also affects the size of thesafe zone. Some anglers have taken the Impact cone off the Impact lead, this has no advantages what so ever, as the hook is in the same position and takes away the certanty of 100% hook release. The big butt will be available in 2 sizes 150grm and


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