PikePro Bait Poppers Red

SKU: 5060134291786
PikePro Bait Poppers Red - taskers-angling

PikePro Bait Poppers Red

SKU: 5060134291786
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PikePro Bait Poppers are super-buoyant foam balls designed for permanently popping-up deadbaits off the lake bed, making them more visible to passing pike and increasing your catch rate!

  • Bright red colour also acts as a great pike attractor.
  • Available in two sizes, for small to medium sized baits.
  • When using large baits two poppers can be combined.
  • Can be reused several times.
  • Available in 18mm and 22mm sizes.
  • Great value for money!

For best results attach PikePro Bait Poppers to a short length of trace wire approximately 6" long. Crimp a small loop to the end of the length of trace and using a baiting needle pass the wire through the body of the bait so that the popper is in front of the head and the wire loop exits near the fish's vent. Next thread your wire trace through the loop and attach your hooks to the bait.

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