Sonubaits Mixed Method Pop Ups White Chocolate 8 &10mm

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From 5 great flavours to choose from, here is a buoyant bait that offers plenty of presentation opportunities. Each pot contains a mixed size of either 8mm or 10mm, so there’s plenty of scope to mix up your hook sizes to match the hookbait.

Ideal for just hovering over a method feeder or bed of pellets, they achieve them quick bites we all strive for, no matter what time of day or year it is.

Effective fishing calls for an effective bait, especially when trying to present a super sensitive rig, which is exactly what these offer!



Each 30g tub contains an 8mm and 10m mix.

5 Great Flavours - Chocolate Orange/Krill/Pellet/Pineapple/White Chocolate

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