Thinking Anglers Cool Bag

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Thinking Anglers Cool Bag

Fully lined with insulating foil,  and giving you 33cm x 23cm x 27cm of storage space, this cool bag from Thinking Anglers is everything you'd expect from a brand that's throwing itself heart and soul into the challenge of becoming a leading part of angling's future.


With the capacity to comfortably hold a 2ltr carton of milk, and a dedicated cutlery holder that keeps everything conveniently in one place, mesh side pockets on this 600D polyester bag make it a great choice for bait, if you're not out long enough to bother taking much food with you, giving you a place to store your bait tools, for a lively, action-packed session.


The removable carry strap means you can either sling this cool bag over your shoulder, or load it neatly onto a barrow or tackle trolley, giving you transport flexibility that will suit committed anglers who like to mix and match the kind of swims they visit.




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