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Apply To Collaborate With Us Today

Apply To Collaborate With Us Today

We are currently looking for passionate anglers with a creative flare, who would like to test out new gear, leave reviews and who have expertise in publishing angling videos onto Instagram, TikTok and Youtube. 


Having a good social media following amongst fellow anglers is something that we would like. Also if you can show you have produced high quality fishing videos already for the platforms discussed then this would also be good. We would also be looking for video content to be taken when out by the water so someone who gets out and fishes regularly would be perfect to work with us. 

Some of the perks we can offer you include free fishing tackle, early access to new gear and discount codes. 


To apply then please fill in the form towards the bottom of our website, that is the only way to be considered to collaborate with us so please make sure to do this if you are interested. 

This is a great opportunity for a creative angler to work with us to produce great fishing content so make sure you apply on our website. Good luck!

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