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Carp Fishing Boilies For 2023

Carp Fishing Boilies For 2023

Thankfully the weather is warming up which means we are fast approaching carp fishing season. When it comes to the best baits to catch carp with you can't go wrong with boilies, here at Taskers Angling we have a huge selection of these which will have you covered! In this blog we though we would show off some of our most popular ones to you so you are covered for the season ahead. 


1. Mainline Frozen Boilies 1kg


For these boilies Mainline have combined top quality enhancers and attractors with liquid liquid food sources to offer exceptional performance for the discerning angler all year round. These boilies are delivered freezer fresh within hours of rolling and the hookbait enhancement system provides dedicated dips for the full freezer range of boilies to help boost attraction in your baited area.


2. Manilla Shelf Life 1kg


Again these boilies can be used all year round. They use peanuts which carp find addictive. However due to the high fat content it has previously only been possible to use them in small quantities – not any more! This revolutionary ingredient has been partially defatted leaving an end product that carp not only find irresistible but also ticks all the right nutritional boxes. The instant attraction, and the namesake of the range, comes from a completely natural, pure Madagascan vanilla extract that will not only result in quicker bites but also make you want to eat the whole bag yourself! Definitely one to try out if you haven't used the peanut flavour before. 


3. The Krill Shelf Life 1kg



These boilies have been perfectly designed to suit the carps dietary requirements leaving them actively hunting the bait as an ideal food source. Not only does the inclusion of Krill add to the nutritional profile of the bait, it is also highly regarded in the aquaculture industry as one of the greatest natural “flavours” and stimulates fish into a feeding frenzy. This devastating boilies comprise of a staggering 25 different ingredients including a couple of little gems which help to provide big success.   


4. C C Moore Live System Session Pack Bucket


Since its release this bait has been used by top UK and European Anglers. Contains high quality proteins, yeasts, bird foods, cream powders and much more! Live system releases powerful, water-soluble appetite stimulants in all water temperatures. When other baits stop working in winter then you know that live system won't. Contains all the products required to present fishing with an irresistible bait package. 


5. Bloodworm Shelf Life Boilies 1kg


One of the best baits we have on offer as it incorporates real bloodworm within the bait and replicates the attractive properties of one of the carp’s greatest natural food sources making the bait simply irresistible. This is predominantly a fishmeal base-mix, using LT-94 alongside milk proteins, soluble fish proteins, crustacean extracts, blood plasma and some trusty robin red. It is also as close to a freezer bait as possible. 


6. Nash Citruz White Boilies 1kg


The ultimate visual attraction attraction in all water conditions. Now in pure white it is perfect for mixing with two tone pink Citruz boilies and offering match the hatch presentation options when using white Citruz Wafters and Airball pop ups. Definitely one to consider getting. 


We hope you have seen some great boilies that you are going to try out when you next go carp fishing! If you have any questions about any of these baits then please visit our store so our team can help you or give us a call on 0151 260 6015.




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