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Exciting New Fox Gear Back In Store

Exciting New Fox Gear Back In Store

Ahead of the weekend we have got some great new Fox gear that has landed in our store! With it still being cold out it is still very much predator fishing season, many of you will be out trying to make the most of the remaining few weeks of the predator fishing season and with this gear hopefully you will be able to land some big catches. Have a read through our blog to see what stands out to you. 

1. Fox Rage Finesse Jig Heads
Jig heads are always very good to have on hand when you go fishing. Sometimes a delicate approach is needed when it comes to jig fishing and for that you need a jig that matches your style. Available in weights of 5kg-20kg, also can be bought in packs of three and features arma point technology for super sharp hooking. 
2. Fox Rage Replicant Wobble 14cm 55g
A must have for your lure box with a range of upgrades on the original version. The same brilliant swimming action still remains with the large paddle tail creating loads of attraction and giving the lure a deep role on the retrieve. The body material itself has been upgraded to a material more resistant to falling apart following fish damage. There are many colour options available and a belly hook rotation system helps to maintain hook holds. 
3. Fox Rage Thermolite Socks
With these socks you'll always keep your feet warm in the cooler months. They have high thermal qualities due to thermolite insulation and also have a highly durable construction. Feature quick drying and moisture wicking technologies as well. Definitely great to have if you spend a lot of time out by the water.  
4. Fox Rage Warrior Net 50cm 2m Rubber
A reliable net is something that every angler needs! Available in three sizes and has an easy fold construction. Incorporates a clip for the hanging net when on the move and the rubberised mesh increases fish care and reduces lure hooking. Has a robust construction and is great value. 
5. Fox Rage Street Fighter Mat
Compact and light so you can easily carry it around with you easily. Designed for street fishing and comes with velcro securing straps with easy grip tabs. Measures up to 100cm and designed to clip onto your street fighter luggage.  
6. Fox Rage Lure & Tackle Bag
Holds a large amount of lures and kit, with a good number of tackle boxes included. Perfect for keeping mobile whilst still holding everything that you need for a long lure session. It really is superb value for money, made up of hard wearing material and waterproof material as well. Heavy-duty main strap attachment clips and ergonomic carry handles also included. 
We hope that you have seen some great Fox gear that you want to get your hands on! Remember if you have any questions about any of this gear then please visit our store or give us a call on  0151 260 6015.
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